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Cotton Candy Babyz - Version: Block Towers

I cleaned up the home page, click to see the stuff I took off.

butterfly_girl_22 got their Neopet at butterfly_girl_22 got their Neopet at butterfly_girl_22 got their Neopet at

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My newest coding experiment. :D

Special Notice as of March 16, 2010: If you were wondering "Where the shrimp did Babyz Costume Shop go?", don't fret. The server it was hosted on has gone down. I'm giving it a little while to see if it comes back before I start moving things again. Thank you! :D



Finally added those new toyz I'd been talking about! Also a new hexed character baby also moved over from Holiday Central. :D


Ok, I admit it. I vanished for over a year. Sorry about that! I do intend to try updating a little more. At the very least, after Halloween there's going to be a bunch of new toyz! Which reminds me, new seasonal site for the holiday. Babyz Holiday Central! Check it out and maybe add to the gallery! :D


Wow, been a long time since I updated! Pageant judged and new one up. :)


New look! It's probably about time too... (even though I really liked the last New hexie on page 4. Don't forget to enter the pageant!


Pageant judged and new one up! Cleared out the F4A links and guestbook of all the spam. Added a new hexie to page 4.


New skeleton gal on page 4 of the hexed babyz!


Happy almost halloween! I've been pretty busy lately, so the BC TOT pic is almost late going up, but I just made it! lol


Pageant judged and new one up! Also, I've added some new hexies and toyz! :D


Two new character hexies and a set of twins in the regular hexies (page 3) ! Pageant Entry count updated


Pageant judged! Congrats to all the winners! New pageant up, so go enter!


Updated the look! I love this one, it's so fun and kinda silly... :D Added 4 new hexies (on page 3). Also have added some new toyz. I only need one more entry for the Cheery cherries pageant and then I can judge!


Vote count for the Cheery Cherries pageant updated.


Smurftastic Pageant Judged! New one up. Also, I've added some hexies to page 3 of my hexies


Minor update, I've updated the number of entries on the pageant page. Only one more and I can judge!


Happy New Years Eve everyone! I've added one new hexie and updated the find it! Go enter the pageant!


Pageant judged and new one up! Added page 3 to my hexed babyz...


I've moved Cindy Lou Who to a seperate character page and added Dora and Bootz.


Hey! Just a quicky update... Added a Cindy Lou Who baby to page 2 of my hexed babyz!


Happy Holidays! Like the new look? New pageant, go enter! Moved the holiday hexies to there own page, and I've added Reneé, the newest holiday hexie. Happy Holidays all!


Hey everyone! Anyone remember my big candy hunt a few years back? Or my 10,000 hit party where you had to find what each letter equaled to solve the code to go? Well, I've brought back this idea with a vengence! :D This one isn't as long as the candy hunt and it isn't as simple a concept as the 10,000 hit party. I've made it more challenging and have some really neat prizes for it, so go to the find it page to get started! Remember to look everywhere for your clues!


New look! Judged the pageant and a new one is up, so go enter!

Date (?)

Added a bunch of new hexies to page 2. Enter the pageant, ok?


Happy 4th birthday CCB!! You can still join the party here!


Updates pretty much across the board... New hexies, new playscene, new toy, more funny pics. :) Don't forget to enter the pageant!


Added to the collection of Neopets plushies, now there nine. Added a Ball Pit to the toyz page as well, please remember to read the Readme file. New hexie as well. Don't forget to enter the pageant!


Made a new pageant, seeing as no one entered the last one... ¬_¬ New hexie and some new toyz...


New look! It features Jenifer K, Applebery, Aury, and Asianne, four of my little angels! ;) lol Two new toys on the toyz page. Added some new hexies... Updated the fav. links again... Neatened up the home page and the tips page... Pageant is still open, if I don't get enough entries soon, I'm going to close it and put up another one... ¬_¬


Added a new playscene! Also updated my Fav. Links page. Don't forget to enter the pageant! Been playing around with some new hairstyles, so, there's probably gonna be some new hexies soon... :) Oh, and don't worry about the problems with the look... I've been thinking about changing it... :)


New look! Like? Sorry about it not working right on all browsers, but I just couldn't help Anyways, Still need entries in the pageant. There are now playscenes up for download! :) Happy Memorial day!


Leina has been adopted. Other than that, not much to say. I entered my pet in the beauty competition at neopets. Any chance of you taking a look at my art work? I'm really proud of it. Click here to take a look!


Well, I've judged the pageant! All winers viewable on the winners page (obviously) and I've added a new pageant. Added some new adoptees and taken down the already adopted children. Please remember to read all the rules, I get tired of deleting applications because they cannot follow a few simple rules. :)


Fhew! New look, though I think that's a bit Like it? Added to the funny pics page, updated the random site page, added some new codes, changed the find it, and updated the link to me banners... I only need one or two more entries in the current pageant before I can judge, so, get entering! Oh, and for the record, my promise of never closing still holds true! I can't STAND it when sites close! :)


Just a quick update, some of the babyz have been adopted. I've also fixed the chicken doll so the download works... Could have sworn it worked


New look! What do you think? I've updated the adoptions page, so now there is downloadable adoptions AND a few one-time adoptions. Bty, some of the babyz on the one time adoptions page are such sweeties! I need at least 2 more pageant entries so I can judge and get it over with! :) So enter already! Updated the Abuse Stoppers page also. Yippee! I've hit 10,000 hits! If updated the find it...but It's a little different this time... :)


Wow! CCB is 3 already! Can you believe it? I can't! :) So, on the hexed babyz page, you can download the Cotton Candy Triplets, in celebration! Also, 4 new hexed babyz (not including the triplets) added to the hexed babyz page, and 3 new teddies on the toyz page! Need some more entries in the pageant, so get entering!


New hexed baby and a new jumper on page 2 of clothes.


New hexed baby! I've also judged the pageant and put the winners on the winners page. New pageant!


New hexed babyz. I've organized the clothes page into parts. The clothes from last year and before are on one page, the cothes I just added today are on the second, and my Insta Outfits are on their own page. By the way, I've only recieved 2 entries in the current pageant, and it's alot easier to judge when you actually have something to judge, so get entering!


Wow! Summer already! Got the new look up, like it? Since school's out I'm going to try to update more...Hopefully. I'm also gonna try to make some updates to my other sites...Again, hopefully... I've updated my Sister Sites page by getting rid of the links to sites that have closed. New find it. I've also got a big surprise coming up, but I'm not saying much about it right now!


Happy day after Valentines Day! New hexed babys, including one for valentines day and is under the holiday babyz section. Got the toyz page up! Yay! lol... Finally changed that "Gardening Supplies" Any way, CCB now has it's own toys including a great looking doll. New find it also!


Took the Groundhog's Day find it down. New regular find it coming soon... I've changed the Abuse Stoppers Forum to the CCB Forum and you can find the link over at the left, below the Babyz News link which I still haven't gotten up yet...


Hi! Sorry about not getting that fall look up... *sheepish grin* And I'm sorry you had to deal with halloween music during x-mas, but I did get a spring look up! Hope to get some new hexed stuff up before to long... I got my almost yearly groundhog's day find it up! And a new pageant!


Got my look for halloween up! Please note that I'm only re-using the Trick-or-Treat look is because I have a great new look for the rest of fall coming as soon as November hits! Got my halloween candy hunt up on the find it page... Good Luck! I also have a new pageant, Happy Halloween, and a new find it. I've added a gardening supplies page! (don't ask) So why don't you go over there and see what we've got! I've also added another holiday baby to the hexed babyz page.

8/24/2003 (?)

Hey! I've desided to keep the party going for a few days, so, have fun!


Happy Birthday CCB! You can still join the party here, or you can hang here. :) This birthday thing is fun! Though I had a heck of a time coming up with games... And prizes... Oh well! *puts on dancing music and wiggles to the beat* Hey, I'm sorry about the auto-party-redirecting error before, it's fixed now. :) Enjoy the festivities! Oh, new pageant! Can you guess the theme? LOL By the way, the Babyz News link at the left does NOT work because I'm still working on it. I'll post a message here telling you when it'll work. I've got a new baby. I can't believe CCB is already 2! Can you? :) I've updated the members page in abuse stoppers. If you joined and you're not in the list, try joining again, I lost your info. Wow! This has got to be the LONGEST update message in CCB history! I don't like that word. How about, the longest in herstory. Yeah, that sounds better! LOL Wanna know something neat? I drew all of the tiger pictures for this look (unless it's a baby in a tiger costume) and the look is model after a stuffed tiger I own! Ok, enough yappin. I'm probably boring you!


Pageant is judged! Like the new look? I just LOVE tigers! LOL CCB's 2nd birthday is coming soon! Be prepared for lots of birthday related activities and goodybags! (Like a real party!) I've got a whole bunch of stuff planned!


Dang! I've just really got to get around to updating more! Geez! LOL Oh well... Today was the last FULL day of school, just exams left, which will be easy... (lol) Ok... New pageant entry. And I fixed the find it so you can actually SEE the pic your finding


Hi! I've updated the find it! I have recieved only one pageant entry, get entering! lol I mean, it's an edit allowed pageant! LOL I just recently relized that my clothing lines page never got uploaded! Oopie Doopsies! All fixed now!


April Fools! LOL If you've made it here, that means you had sense enough to click the 'Have a Nice Day!' link...huh? lol More updates soon!


Yay! Insta Outfits have arrived! Don't have a clue what I mean? Then go to the new clothing lines page off of the clothes page! Insta Outfits are the newest (and easiest) way to dress your babyz! Go check em out now! Please remember that this idea is CopyRight to me and my sites: CCB, SBB, BK, & TT.

I got a new image program! (if you didn't know, I had lost my old one) Yay! Like the new look? I do! I absolutly LOVE the background music, what do you think of it? Go ahead and comment away! ;) My birthday's coming up, so you know what that means! If not, it means that my special one day only brthday page will be available! I'd like to note that I didn't get all of my babyz off of the backup disk. I have moved those babyz to a different page of my babyz and kept the ones I got off on the main my babyz page. I also have gotten some new babyz, and the babyz birthdays will be posted with them! Also, there's a new line of clothing coming soon! I'll add it to the clothes page within a week (hopefully).

Sorry for the lack of updates! My computer was recently crashed (everything was backed up) and I haven't got everything back yet, including my graphics program... so, don't expect many updates, and I'll inform you when all's back... Oh, and expect a new look then too!

I just realised that I forgot to add the clothes onto the page. Also, I have 2 new babyz! Merry X-mas eve!

Sorry for not updating!!! You like the new look?? And as you know, with a new look comes a new find it! Some new clothes up for download and a new pageant! Yippee! It's X-mas break!!! I posted a countdown til x-mas at the top.

Yea!!! It's the last weekend before halloween!!!! That means pumpkin picking and carving like mad (at least for me!) In honor of this, I have added links to my fav. pumpkin pattern sites! (on my new fav. links page!)

Ok, I admit it.... I'm lazy.... But I made a new look for halloween! like it?

Ok, I have not updated in like 3 months... lol The parents of the babyz sent is for the last camp still haven't claimed them. If you click on the camp link at the bottom of the page it will take you to a page of pictures of them. I'm not even going to consider re-opening the camp until those babyz have gone home... And then only when my schedual clears up... Brand new look, like it? I have downsized to only one pageant as 3 is too many to handle... I think I absolutly love this new look! :) The song is called "Any man of Mine".... It's one of my favs...

6:19 PM 5/17/02
Sorry for not updating much! I wont be accepting any more camp entries for a while...I will re-open it later on... I'm just kinda busy at the moment and don't have time for it. I've lost the e-mail addresses of my last few camp entries so if you sent me your baby and I haven't sent them back yet, please e-mail me along with their name. But don't worry, they are well... I am taking care of them until you e-mail me. I have a new site! SunBright Babyz
I've also updated the look! Please tell me how you like it! I call it V. Patriotism

3:30 PM 4/6/02
Camp group 1 is Over! The babyz have gone home and here scrapbooks are posted! Next group starts monday! Sign up now!

2:22 PM 4/5/02
Camp group 1 is now in progress and is going strong... sorry i didn't update yesterday but there are 2 babyz enrolled in group 1. Tomarrow is graduation day and I will post the scrap books then!

6:52 PM 4/2/02
I now have a camp! It's called The Cotton Candy Camp and is now accepting applicatons! You should read the rules first though! I also have added the "Code Maker" to my codes page. It makes variations of any working code. New Abuse Stoppers members.

6:19 PM 3/30/02
New hexed babyz. I have finally found time to update my "My Babyz" page a little. New find it. Added a new pageant too.

2 new Abuse Stoppers members!
Yeah! 1 week EXACTLY 'til my B-day!
I'm not bragging...but I love birthdays!

2 new abuse stoppers members! I also have a new Blooming Basket! The winners of the valentines pageant were:
1st Allisha
2nd Corrina
3rd Hogan
4th Jamie
The winners of the Garden pageant were:
1st Maggie
2nd Bunni
3rd Kansas

Happy Valentine's Day! The voting is over for the garden and valentines pageant! winners will be announced tomarrow! New member in the Abuse Stoppers!

New member in The Abuse Stoppers! Why don't you join? Lots of votes coming in for both the Valentines and Garden pageant! Great job! Keep voting though! Both pageants don't end until valentines day, you have plenty of time to get those votes in (but don't forget!)! Also, check the awards page, I have recieved 2 gifts! New sister site too!

More hexed babyz, including a valentine's twin set!

The voting is now up for the Valentine's pageant! I have a whopping 7 entries! Please vote! Voting ends on valentines day! This time the awards will be different. There will be four winners, King (1st(boy)), queen(2nd(girl)), prince(3rd(boy)), and princess(4th(girl)). If that doesn't work out, I will adjust accordingly.

The voting is up for the Garden Sweeties pageant! Please vote! Also, I only need one more entry in the Valentine's Pageant and I can put up the voting!

I have recieved a present from Rainy Day Nursery! Thank you very much! Gotten my new Abuse Stoppers page up to. I think I forgot to metion, but there are some new babyz up for adoption. Also a few more awards...

Happy Groundhog's day! Special groundhog's day find it! Today only, on the find it page!

2nd and 3rd place in the Little Sisters pageant judged. 2nd is Precious and Angel and 3rd is Cleo and Bridget. I have a new baby up for adoption.

Amber of VBZ suprised me by sending me these lovely graphics. I love them! Thanks Amber!
Ok, i had only 1 vote in the little sisters pageant so Gabbi and Abbi win first place. I will choose the 2nd and 3rd place winners. No entries in the X-mas one. Valentines one up. Starting it now so I have a chance at getting entries. 2 new entries in Garden sweeties. New sister sites.

I have a new foster baby.
Gonna get a foster babyz page up soon.
I also have a new link to me banner with her
picture on it. I have a sister site page now too.

Geez... more homework than I thought! lol
Well, I've finaly made time to update!
I bet most of you are saying it's about time... right?
Well I agree! lol... I have finaly gotten a hexed babyz page
and I updated the find it page. New X-mas theme,
I have some more babyz for adoption.
They should be up soon.
New pageant! It's an X-mas one. Figure
I'll make up for missing Thanksgiving by doubling up
on X-mas stuff...

Sorry I havn't updated in awhile!
The homework has been piling up
but I think it's under controle!
I have also been working on this new look!
E-mail me and tell me how you like it!
I have some new babyz. I
have also updated the find it.
So far (in both findits together) 61
people have found it!
I have also added some halloween
costumes to the clothes page.
New entry in garden sweeties too!!

the votes are in for the cutest babyz pageant!
Kendra has won 1st and
Joesph and Cassandra are tied for second!
Vote in the tye breaking showdown!!

Voting for the Cutest Pageant is up!!

2 new entries in the Cutest babyz pageant!
A new entry in the little sisters pageant!
I have won SOTW at ABC!! Go
to the Awards page to see
The award! I have updated
the find it and updated the
My Babyz page!
Why don't you check out my new babyz!!

New entry in the Little Sister pageant.
If you want a shot at winning
You'de better enter soon, some of the entries
are VERY cute!

Pageant Awards Page uploaded

I have a new jumper
in the clothes section.

I have got a new award!!

New pageants
I have a new pageant entry!

I have a new baby!!
Her name is Messina
Go to the my babyz page to see her

Link to me page uploaded
More clothes for download